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I am currently querying two completed novels and three children's picture books.

Young Adult Novel


Middle School is No Place for Magic!


In this upper middle grade novel, Jay struggles with telling his dad that he no longer wants to be his magician’s assistant. The last thing Jay wants to do is disappoint his dad, though, especially after Jay’s mom decides to move halfway across the country to pursue her dreams. The clock starts ticking after his dad signs them up for the talent show at Jay’s middle school. Sometimes, Jay wishes he could disappear for real.


Young Adult Novel

The Life-Dividing Days  - We all have life-dividing days - - days when something so traumatic happens, it changes the course of our lives forever. For ten-year-old Hannah, that day is May 5, 1928, when her mother is found dead in their barn. For Rose, Hannah’s new caregiver, it’s the day her daughter dies of the Spanish Flu. For Hannah’s Aunt Cora, it’s the day she is raped. This novel explores how they each cope with their new lives as they learn the truth about what happened the day Hannah’s mother died.


Awards & Press - Honorable Mention, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s First Page Contest; Merit Scholarship, Bear River Writer’s Conference; excerpted in the Detroit Free Press


Picture Books

Emma Jean’s Search for Something Special features second grade pragmatist, Emma, who is struggling with her writing assignment to describe “What Makes You Special.” It doesn’t help that everyone else on her entire block seems to have a special talent. Will Emma Jean find hers?


Gopher Grunts gives voice to all of the overcrowded critters in suburbia. The curmudgeonly gopher, timid rabbit, spunky skunk and other animals file their complaints about having to share the same small yard with 7-year-old Nathan. How will they ever learn to get along?


Crazy Maizy, Bus Driver Extraordinaire is the tale of a scowling, tangle-haired school bus driver. When strange things start to happen on bus number 8, Peter begins to suspect that there might be more to Crazy Maizy than meets the eye.

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