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Fifth Avenue Press Invests in Area Writers

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

From the very first time I heard about Fifth Avenue Press, I wanted to be one of its authors. This past November, that dream came true when I learned that it was choosing my middle grade novel, Middle School is No Place for Magic!, for publication. I wanted to share a bit about the press because I think it’s such a special endeavor…

Launched by the Ann Arbor District Library in 2017, the press recruited a productions team that works with its authors from acceptance through publication. The press focuses solely on supporting area authors, especially books that have a local slant. I hope more of these types of presses are founded in the future. I think the press has an incredible mission that is proving to be quite successful.

Although Fifth Avenue Press was founded only four years ago, it has already published 27 book and will be hosting a book launch party for another 16 authors this May. The press’s collection has something for every type of reader: a literary novel with a metaphysical and time-travel slant, poetry chapbooks, YA, children’s books, essays, a true crime chronical, middle grade, sci-fi and more. To see a complete catalog of the press, visit this page!

Here are the basics of how this unique press works:

1. Shortly after an initial meeting with a publication coordinator, authors are sent a reference packet with a complete publication prep checklist.

2. The press then assigns an editor. I met with my editor in late fall via Zoom to begin the editing process. I’m nervous but very excited to see what she suggests and get to work on the revisions next month!

3. Authors are also assigned a graphic design artist to create the cover and interior illustrations, if applicable, for the work.

4. The editorial team completes all the formatting, conversion, indexing and fact checking. The press also provides ISBN numbers for each author. After that, the manuscript will be prepared for eBook and on-demand print publishing.

5. Finally, the press arranges for an author headshot and hosts a book release event for that year’s Fifth Avenue Press authors. I’ll participate in the book launch this November and will be hosting a second virtual book launch in early December.

The most amazing part of all of this to me is that the press does not take a percentage of the sales or expect anything of me, aside from permission to have digital versions of my book available for download on their website. Fifth Avenue Press does all of this simply to support our local writing community. Amazing, and I could not be more grateful!

Please message me or sign up for my e-newsletter if you’d like an invite to my book launch party. I’d love to see you there.

P.S. The illustration above was a Mother's Day gift from my daughter two years ago!


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