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A2 art in unexpected places!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

What do you see when you look at a violin? That was the question posed to Shar Music Store employees this summer, when they started their second group art project. The answer was varied – some created whimsical pieces while others were more serious.

The artists saw an owl, fairy store and wood shed sign. All of the artwork being shown throughout the showroom was made of recycled instrument parts.

“Any time they do an art project, I jump on it,” said Andi Blue, Shar returns coordinator and A2 artist. “It’s funny because it was supposed to be a peacock but it turned into a phoenix, which is more my style,” he said. “It’s all about self-expression. The fact that the managers took notice that there are artists working here in addition to musicians is really great.”

Anthony Marchese, supervisor, said one of the product managers noticed that there were a lot of violin tops lying around, so they repurposed them for this year’s project. Last year’s art was made out of instruments that were beyond repair. Shar has purchased a few of the pieces, including a mirror made out of old violin bows.

“The staff loves having an opportunity to display their work,” Anthony said. “A lot of customers love it, too.”

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