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Micro Creative Essay - Abandoned in Honduras

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Image from LaRepublica

I've been trying my hand at writing micro pieces which are around 100 words or so. It's more challenging than it seems. This one is about my mission trip to a garbage dump community right outside the capitol of Honduras, near San Pedro Sula. 

There were many moments I'll never forget but one memory keeps rising to the surface when I sit down to write...

Abandoned in Honduras

The three boys ran dangerously close to the dump truck. Their giggling made me forget, for a split second, that they were running across mountains of trash.

“Be careful,” I wanted to yell, as if they were my kids. As if that would do any good.

When the boys were closer, I saw that none of them were wearing shoes. They dashed across the broken glass, needles, shards of metal and all sorts of garbage in bare feet. Filthy and bruised, their feet were washed and wrapped in gauze. That's how we left them.

Our medical mission over, we flew from Honduras. I can still see them running with such happy abandon, smiling ear to ear. 

Photo Credit: Image is from LaRepublica and accompanying article can be found here

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